Discovering Nutrition 


Navigate Discovering Nutrition is a complete, interactive online courseware solution combining authoritative content with interactive tools, assessments, Navigate eFolio, and grading functionality.

This course combines a host of interactive activities to facilitate learning and allow students to check their progress using quizzes and assessments. With Navigate Discovering Nutrition, students can immediately evaluate their understanding of important concepts and objectives by easy toggling between textbook narrative, activities, and assessments enabling them to process, synthesize, and retain course concepts in less time. Included is an interactive eBook that allows student access to the text anytime and anywhere. The biggest benefit for students using an online course is access to a variety of digital resources that will enrich their learning experience, increase engagement and improve outcomes.

Whether you’re a seasoned instructor or new to a course area Navigate will give you the tools you need to get up and running quickly. Course set-up is easy with pre-planned lessons and lecture outlines found within the platform. Navigate is also very flexible and allows you to customize content. Automatic grading saves time and provides on demand analysis of how students are progressing in the course allowing instructors to tailor their teaching based on student needs. Other tools such as a built-in calendar, system email and a robust grade book are also available.

Navigate Discovering Nutrition includes a new personalized adaptive learning (PAL) student study tool that uniquely combines study planning, personalized assessment and remediation, and data analysis tools all in one easy-to-use application. Navigate PAL allows students to assess on their own areas where they need extra help through diagnostic tests in a "safe to fail environment." Instructors can use Navigate PAL to assess their students’ competencies in a particular area allowing them the flexibility to tailor course content to the needs of the student.

 Instructor Benefits

Instructor-Friendly Course Tools
User-friendly controls and editing tools enable instructors to easily deploy and track online quizzes and homework.
Time-Saving Grade Book Tool
The robust grade book functionality enables detailed reporting on student progress and can provide overall class statistics. The grade book can be configured to include weighted grading, custom scales, or generate statistical analysis on quiz questions.
Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting Functionality
System reporting allows instructors to pull analytics on individual student progress or as a group to compare across sections.
Pre-Loaded Content and Completely Customizable
Navigate is pre-loaded with course content, lessons and tests. However, the platform is very flexible allowing instructors to customize their own content and quizzes.

 Student Benefits

Interactive Practice
Interactive activities found in Navigate eFolio allow students to master course content through interactive practice exercises.
Interactive eBook
An interactive eBook is fully integrated into Navigate, giving students access to course content anytime, anywhere. Personalization features allow students to highlight, take notes and try interactive practice activities.
Diagnostic Testing
Students can test their knowledge of course content and figure out where they need help through diagnostic tests that do not report to the grade book.
Interactive Glossary
The interactive glossary helps to reinforce key terms found in each chapter.

 Downloads & Resources

Description File Format
Textbook Product Page (Webpage)
Navigate Product Page (Webpage)
Navigate eFolio Product Page (Webpage)

 Course Demo

The "sandbox" environment is designed to allow instructors the opportunity to test system functionality. The entire site automatically resets to its original appearance every 5 hours.   Take a tour of a "live" sample chapter or lesson right from your desktop by clicking the "sandbox" link. Use the posted username and password to log in.

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