What is Navigate eFolio?

Navigate eFolio is an easy-to-use interactive eBook that combines authoritative content with enhanced learning activities™. Organized corresponding to chapters in the print edition, Navigate eFolio can be used as part of an on-ground, online, or hybrid course offering and requires little to no start-up time.

Students can easily navigate between the text and enhanced activities™ and immediately assess their understanding of important concepts and objectives with online learning tools.

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Navigate eFolio Features

Animations Show Rather Than Tell

Difficult concepts come to life for students with an animated demonstration of models or diagrams.

Learning in Action

Students drag key terms over key diagrams and match them to the appropriate elements. Once the activity is complete, a textbox reports correct and incorrect answers. Interactive exercises reinforce correct position or placement of these elements, and remediate when necessary.

Textbook Diagrams Come Alive

With interactive labeling exercises, students critically think about processes and visualize connections more easily.

Quick Quizzes Provide Immediate Feedback

With quick quizzes sprinkled throughout the eBook, students can assess their own understanding of the material and prepare for class or exams.

Instant Insight into Sequential Learning

Some subject matter lends itself to learning the sequence the events. With this activity, students can determine if their understanding of a sequential process is correct and determine where they need further assessment.

Search and Find with the Interactive Glossary

This robust feature enables students to search for key terms and learn their definitions. With this tool at their fingertips, students will save time and enhance their understanding of new material.

Highlight and Bookmark

Now students can highlight, bookmark or takes notes on the important subject matter in their eBooks, too! Students can simply highlight a section of the text and save it in their notes. They can log out and log in as many times as they like: their notes, highlights and bookmarks will always be saved in their account!

Take Notes On The Page

With Navigate eFolio, students can easily take notes right inside their electronic textbook for later study and review.