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Navigate Epidemiology 101 seamlessly combines proven textbook content with interactive exercises, collaboration tools, and course management tools in an instructor- and student-friendly online environment. Developed under the guidance of author Robert H. Friis, Navigate Epidemiology 101 supports student learning through a unique combination of online content review, interactive exercises, student-instructor collaboration tools, and assessments. Built on the robust Jones & Bartlett Learning Navigate platform, this online courseware includes many time-saving teaching tools such as a grade book, assignment management, automatic grading, and advanced reporting. This "off the shelf" course is pre-loaded with proven textbook content but is also highly customizable, giving you the flexibility you need to either plug and play, or make it your own. Your students will come away with a clear understanding of the basics of infectious disease epidemiology, environmental epidemiology, molecular epidemiology, and psychosocial/behavioral epidemiology.

 Instructor Benefits

Teaching Epidemiology Has Never Been Easier
Navigate Epidemiology 101 is a complete online course solution designed to actively engage your students in learning about the growing field of Public Health.
Perfect for Online, Hybrid, or Traditional Classrooms
Whether you want to teach Epidemiology 101 in class, in a hybrid course, or by distance education, Navigate Epidemiology 101 makes it easier and more fun for both students and faculty.
Plug and Play, or Make it Your Own
Whether you’re a seasoned Epidemiology instructor, or are new to the discipline, this comprehensive, ‘off the shelf’ course is highly customizable, giving you the flexibility you want to either plug and play, or make it your own.
Eliminate Time‐consuming Tasks
Our instructor technology was designed to alleviate, or even eliminate the time-consuming tasks associated with teaching epidemiology, so that you are free to focus your time on developing objectives, researching new topics, and other important activities.

 Student Benefits

Pre-Loaded with Rich Content
Produced under the direction of author Robert H. Friis, PhD, Navigate Epidemiology 101 is pre-loaded with rich content from the best-selling companion introductory textbook, Epidemiology 101, giving your students easy access to the authoritative content they need to become proficient in this subject.
Caters to All Learning Styles
Designed as a complete teaching solution that caters to all learning styles, the platform includes interactive lectures with audio that review critical topics in short digestible chunks.
Loaded with Interactive Exercises
Your students can also leverage online activities like matching exercises, crossword puzzles, and flash cards, adding a dynamic layer to the learning environment.
Quizzes/Knowledge Checks
To immediately gauge comprehension of each topic, online quizzes, and “knowledge Checks” can help your students identify areas they need to review.


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 Course Demo

The "sandbox" environment is designed to allow instructors the opportunity to test system functionality. The entire site automatically resets to its original appearance every 5 hours.   Take a tour of a "live" sample chapter or lesson right from your desktop by clicking the "sandbox" link. Use the posted username and password to log in.

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 How to Order


Navigate Epidemiology 101: Textbook & Online Access

The comprehensive package includes the printed textbook accompanied by an access code card that gives your students access to the Navigate Epidemiology 101 online courseware.

ISBN-13: 978-1-284-02105-9
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Navigate Epidemiology 101: Online Courseware Alone

This access code card will give your students entry into the complete Navigate Epidemiology 101 online courseware (no printed textbook included).

ISBN-13: 978-1-4496-5146-6
For students that purchase a used textbook or rental, and need access to the online courseware, they can purchase a single-use standalone access code here.

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