Exploring Criminal Justice 


The best-selling textbook, Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials provides undergraduate students with a framework for thinking about crime and justice, aids them in becoming familiar with the terminology of the criminal justice system, and ultimately helps them understand how and why the American criminal justice system works as it does. Built to mirror the Second Edition of Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials, Navigate Course Manager: Exploring Criminal Justice provides a comprehensive suite of online course management tools including, a grade book, calendar, and system email that lets instructors easily create an introduction to criminal justice course and customize it with their own materials.

This complete, innovative, and interactive course solution is organized by chapter and includes PowerPoint presentations, practice activities, and assessments. A robust grade book facilitates detailed reporting on students’ progress. Overall class statistics can be configured to provide weighted grading, custom scales, or generate statistical analysis on quiz questions. Provide your students with a unique learning experience using Navigate Course Manager: Exploring Criminal Justice and prepare them to kick start their education and careers.

Navigate Course Manager: Exploring Criminal Justice is fully supported and hosted by Jones & Bartlett Learning and is ready to be immediately adopted into a classroom or online setting.

 Instructor Benefits

Simple-to-Use Grade Book with Detailed Reports
Hassle-free grade book functionality produces detailed reports on students’ progress and overall class statistics that instructors can easily customize.
Mapped to the Content in the Textbook
Includes pre-loaded content, engaging activities, automatic assignment grading, and reports on homework progress.
Customization Made Easy
Easy-to-use editing tools allow instructors to customize and upload additional content and assignments.
Intuitive Navigational Design
Icon-based navigational tools offer an easy, at-a-glance view of content and functions.

 Student Benefits

Fun and Engaging Study Tools
Crossword puzzles offer students a fun and engaging overview of each chapter. Students can complete the crossword puzzle based on material they've studied.
Quick Term Reference
The interactive glossary allows students to instantly view definitions of key terms from the book. Students can search by keyword, browse alphabetically, or browse by chapter.
An Interactive and Effective Study Tool
The animated flashcards enable students to instantly check their knowledge of key terms and content from the chapter. Students will continuously utilize this hands-on study tool to prepare for chapter tests and revisit for mid-term exams.
Explore Topics Beyond the Book
Organized by chapter, Web Links showcase external sites that provide additional information about topics covered in the textbook.
Let Them Practice What You Teach
Multiple choice practice quizzes for each chapter enable students to test their understanding of key material and prepare for upcoming exams.
Stay Connected
Allows students and instructors to stay connected in a variety of interactive ways including forums, chats, and messages.

 Downloads & Resources

Description File Format
Textbook Product Page (Webpage)
Navigate Course Manager Product Page (Webpage)

 Course Demo

The "sandbox" environment is designed to allow instructors the opportunity to test system functionality. The entire site automatically resets to its original appearance every 5 hours.   Take a tour of a "live" sample chapter or lesson right from your desktop by clicking the "sandbox" link. Use the posted username and password to log in.

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