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Online Courses for a Traditional BSN Curriculum or RN to BSN Curriculum 


Jones & Bartlett Learning has developed a unique set of online courses formulated on the American Association of Colleges of Nursing's (AACN) Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice Document. We have created 12 distinct, instructionally designed courses in concert with experts from leading nursing programs. Each course aligns to a premier Jones & Bartlett Learning text and can either be used for individual courses or as part of a traditional general nursing or RN to BSN curriculum.

Each online course combines cutting-edge courseware, course management tools, and authoritative content to help meet evolving student needs. These courses can accommodate a variety of learning styles as well as teaching methods.

 Course List

Nursing Informatics »
Professional Practice and Role Development in Nursing »
Nursing Leadership »
Nursing Ethics »
Global Health Nursing »
Community Health Nursing »
Nursing Research »
Financial Management in Nursing »
Introduction to Case Management »
Introduction to Managed Health Care »
Transcultural Nursing »
Health Assessment for the Experienced Nurse »

 Instructor Benefits

Assessments Found Within the Course
End of lesson assessments allows instructors the opportunity to assess their students’ knowledge and understanding of specific course content.
Instructor-Friendly Course Management Tools
User-friendly course management tools such as the grade book, email, calendar, and scheduling allow instructors to post assignments, grade work, and track student progress in real time.
Instructor Resource Guide
This Instructor Resource Guide is a comprehensive document which supports each course, providing an in-depth overview of the content as well as the tools available to successfully facilitate this online course.
Discussion Forums
Discussion Forums feature questions throughout each lesson that can be assigned for students to respond to and learn from. For online or hybrid courses, discussion forums are a great means to facilitate student interaction.

 Student Benefits

Interactive Lecture
Each lesson contains an interactive lecture featuring narrated course content that students can interact with at their own pace and on their own time.
Practice Activities
Students have the opportunity to test their own knowledge through practice activities in a safe to fail environment found within each lesson of this course. Practice activities do not report to the grade book and offer students an environment to test what they have learned.
Supplemental Content
One of the compelling features of this course is the additional content available within each lesson. Supplemental content has been collected by subject experts in the form of Web links, Journal Articles, and more!
Discussion Questions
Students have the opportunity to think critically and apply their knowledge to real world questions and scenarios through discussion questions. They can also learn from other student feedback and ideas presented in their questions as well.

 Course Demo

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